Pos Ad has always upheld the belief that people are of paramount importance. As such, the way we conduct our business and structure our products has been shaped with this in mind. We prize excellence, integrity and urgency in our work and encourage our staff to have fun at it!


  • What is important to us?

Pos Ad believes in 4 tenets:

  1. Customer is King: Our clients are important to us, not only as customers, but as people, and all our dealings with them reflect this.
  2. Pursuit of excellence: We always strive to be better than before
  3. Positive working environment: This is not only the province of the management but every employee, where we work harmoniously with one another, working as a team to synergistically accomplish tasks.
  4. Respect: To practice tact and diplomacy with everyone, always keeping in mind that we should do unto others what we would like them to do to us.